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Riot unveils VCT Masters Reykjavík rulebook with $600K prize pool and bracket

Teams will fight for a piece of the cash prize and Circuit Points.

Riot dev confirms option for VALORANT 5-stacks to play together is in the works

But the feature likely won't appear in VALORANT anytime soon.

Sentinels’ VALORANT team survives COVID scare from dapr’s false positive

Full steam ahead for Sentinels.

THESPIKE staff members allege CEO owes over $40,000 for unpaid work

There have been previous allegations of late and missing payments made against this CEO.

VALORANT fan creates Prime Operator

The skin does look nice on the Operator.

VALORANT player explains how to boost over Sage wall

Players have found a way to boost over the wall.

VALORANT agents to watch at VCT Masters Reykjavík

Which agents will be the difference makers?

Riot Games drops VALORANT ranked queue hotfix to ‘tighten matchmaking skill’

A small change could lead to better matches, but longer wait times.

Team Heretics signs Johnta as head coach of VALORANT team

Johnta has found a new home after being released by FunPlus Phoenix earlier this week.

Version1’s wippie subbed out for free agent jammyz at VCT Masters Reykjavík due to visa issues

Wippie will rejoin the lineup after this event.

TSM adds Chet as VALORANT head coach

New coach, new outlook for TSM.

Jamppi sticks to his guns, confirms he won’t be returning to CS:GO

Jamppi isn't going anywhere.