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Natus Vincere acquires CIS-based Free Fire roster

The most dominant squad in the region will now be competing under Na'Vi's banner.

Galaxy Racer reveals PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India rosters

They will be based out of Middle East and India respectively.

Respawn putting in-game comics ‘on hold’ for Apex’s season 10

But there is still "plenty of lore" in Emergence.

Overwatch League opens poll for Countdown Cup viewer reward skin

It's up to players to determine what hero receives the Epic OWL-exclusive skin this time.

Grand Theft Auto V surpasses 150 million units sold ahead of next-gen upgrade

GTAV continues to sell and keeps players coming back with GTA Online.

Apex Legends player bounces final enemy off the map with a grenade

Avoid grenades in elevated positions.

The Big House cancels 2021 in-person event

There was also no update on an online event for this year.

Twitch to test new Stream Display Ads that will continue to show streams during advertisements

Viewers will be able to see and hear creators when these new display ads appear.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s ‘error code: DIVER’ is preventing players from connecting for the second time in 3 days

Some are completely unable to connect.

Respawn confirms all 3 maps will be in pubs rotation for Apex’s season 10

Only Kings Canyon and World's Edge will be in ranked, though.

Respawn wanted to bring ‘fresher blood’ to Apex by creating Seer without a connection to other legends

The legend only bumped into Rampart and Octane, at least for now.