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Fnatic’s YamatoCannon talks about the team’s current state, Adam and Bwipo’s progression, and where the LEC ranks compared to other major regions

Fnatic had a disappointing fifth-place finish in the regular season after a strong start to the 2021 LEC Summer Split.

Invictus Gaming fail to make LPL playoffs for first time since 2014

The team got off to a rough start this split after having to field their academy top laner for the

Cloud Soul was more popular than any other Dragon Soul during 2021 LCS Summer Split

LCS teams got pretty used to playing around Cloud Soul this summer.

Yone player saves Jax from imminent death to Urgot ult

The enemy Urgot was so focused on getting the kill that they completely ignored the bigger threat in the skirmish.

Rare Atom beat Suning, eying top-4 finish in 2021 LPL Summer Split

They're now 10-5 with one match left in the regular season.

Divine Sunderer, Goredrinker overshadow Mythic items for bruisers, contrary to Riot’s plan to have build diversity

These two items combined have a pickrate of five items over Stridebreaker and Trinity Force.

8 out of 9 teams have a former SKT player or trainee on their roster in the 2021 LCK Summer Split

The organization created a lot of talent that was picked up by other teams.

FlyQuest fall short of 2021 LCS postseason after crippling loss to CLG

FlyQuest couldn't get it done in the regular season finale.

Evil Geniuses take down 100T’s debuting Academy roster, secure their final victory in the 2021 LCS Summer Split

Evil Geniuses end their most successful year in the LCS with a regular season win.

Cloud9’s AD carry Zven takes the record for most pentakills in an LCS career with five

The European star has made another mark in the LCS.

Cloud9 clean up Team Liquid behind Zven’s pentakill to close out 2021 LCS Summer Split

Cloud9 has locked a top four finish in the LCS playoffs.