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OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division had reached its final day of action with the grand final between 496 Gaming and Execration giving us a best-of-five to decide the champion of the event.

496 Gaming were completely unbeaten in a full series coming into the grand final of OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division, having played an amazing group stage followed by two solid upper bracket playoff stage victories. Looking to continue their unbeaten streak, they would have to fight against Execration, who had made an absolutely amazing run through the lower bracket, eliminating everyone in their path to reach the grand finals. With both teams having come through the qualifiers, and XctN winning their previous series in the qualifier stage, the series would definitely be an epic one to claim the championship title.

Going into the series we would see a complete stomp from 496 in game one, as an unkillable Spectre from Trịnh ‘458’ Văn Thọ controlled the game and broke their opponent’s tempo, ending 19-0-16 when the GG call came out from XctN. Although XctN performed far better in game two, keeping themselves in contention to tie the series with some fantastic fights across the map, it just was not enough to get through the 496 draft. By the time the game ended, 78 total kills had been claimed but, unfortunately for XctN, they were on the losing end of things – as 496 moved to championship point.

With the tournament quickly slipping away from them, XctN needed something huge to go their way if they wanted to push the series to a game four. Although they seemed to fall very far behind in team fights throughout the game, XctN were able to find the perfect timing when all seemed lost in their base and turn the game around to pull the series back to 2-1.

While they had played extremely well to turn game three around, the next game would end up being the final in the series as 496 were not about to let the grand finals move to game five. Although XctN threw everything they had at 496, it was just never enough to overcome their opponent’s lineup.

By the time half an hour had passed, everything was over for XctN, as 496 pummeled into their barracks and heroes alike, with the GG call coming just a few moments later. With that, 496 Gaming would go completely unbeaten in a full series throughout the event and become champions of OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division. With a great tournament run from both teams, coming through qualifiers, Execration would end the event in an admirable second place.

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