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Valve are introducing several accessibility and quality of life updates to Artifact. The card game will get a color blind mode this week, as well as several chat options.

The color blind mode has been a widely requested feature by the community. The issue lies with the green and red colors, which are difficult to distinguish by color blind players. To combat this, Valve have come up with several solutions. They’ve touched the color saturation on red and green cards so players can tell them apart more easily. In addition, “suit icons”, which are mini decals sitting top left of the card image, will help identify the color.

The other new feature is various chat options. For those who want to keep it simple, the players can now make their cards speak, send custom messages to players or utter voice lines. Traditional Steam chat option is also available with Valve promising it to be a “one click opt-in”.

Valve are also vowing to introduce more updates next week, and those will have to be some major ones. Artifact is continuously losing players and hit a new low peak of mere 6,000 this morning. The general mood of the community has also been a negative one, with community members calling for either the game to drop its price tag or at least give more features to those who’ve bought it.  The drop of players has also caused a drop in card prices. According to a calculation done by redditor cyclecube, a complete collection bought piece by pieces sells for only $175. As a result, pack contents are also worth less than what you pay for them.

What the upcoming updates will cover is unclear, but if Valve want to reverse the downward trend, they ought to rethink their player acquisition and retention techniques. With no ladder, progression or visible MMR — or a way to grind the card collection in game — there are few reasons to play Artifact for hours on end at the moment.

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