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Vici Gaming’s specialties, Snapfire and Omniknight, proved too powerful for EHOME to survive the elimination round in the OGA Dota PIT China division lower bracket.

With two series to go for a grand finals spot via the lower bracket rounds, Vici Gaming and EHOME brought their A game in today’s confrontation. EHOME started the best-of-three match-up with a compelling victory, playing around Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi, who took Timbersaw to the mid lane to give his team a fair chance against VG’s mid Magnus. The laning phase set EHOME up for victory, with their cores able to secure early key items to force a fast pace game and pressure VG’s towers.

However, VG bounced back hard in the second game, courtesy of spot on coordination between all their players. They ran a carry Faceless Void always sustained from behind by Omniknight and Phoenix, heroes which also synergized perfectly with Mars, giving EHOME no way out from any teamfights.

Game three was another display of teamwork and communication from VG. They first picked Snapfire and in their own true fashion, they played it as core in the hands of Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang. With Aghanim’s Scepter completed at the 15-minute mark, he along with Nyx, who was the main target for the Gobble Up, managed to outmaneuver EHOME in teamfights and secure a reverse sweep victory.

While EHOME are now eliminated from OGA Dota PIT top 4, Vici Gaming will return to the action tomorrow, for the finals day when they will have one more team to defeat in order to reach the grand finals. Their adversaries will be decided in the upcoming PSG.LGD versus Aster upper bracket finals.


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