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VALORANT update nerfs Jett smokes, makes major Split changes - patch notes

VALORANT update 2.01 brings forth a nerf to Jett smokes alongside massive changes to Split. While those are the two

VALORANT 2.0 adds Yoru, buffs Brimstone, nerfs Omen & Classic, and more - patch notes

VALORANT patch 2.0 has gone live. With it comes the addition of the games 14th Agent, Yoru, a buff to

VALORANT patch notes 1.09: Jett, OP, & Reyna nerfed, Brimstone & Viper buffed

Riot Games has released VALORANT patch 1.09 featuring some long requested changes including nerfs to both Jett & the OP

VALORANT patch notes 1.08: Raze nerfed, Guardian buffed, map rotation adjusted

VALORANT's latest patch doesn't pack the same punch as the previous but there's still some big changes in 1.08. The

Ranked Games in Valorant delayed by a bug

Last June 23rd, Riot Games revealed the notes for VALORANT Patch 1.2, an update that would add competitive mode to

VALORANT 0.49 patch adds ranked mode, updates Omen, map changes, fixes bugs, & more

Riot Games has revealed the details of their upcoming 0.49 patch to VALORANT. The first-person shooter is getting a pretty