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Riot Games works on Agent-specific keybinds in VALORANT

As usual, Riot Games is concerned about the doubts and questions from the community, and once again they have published

VALORANT's 14th agent "Yoru" leaked - abilities & more

The 14th Agent expected to hit VALORANT has been leaked. In a post to reddit from user Retro-Indietro, the latest

Skye revealed as 13th VALORANT Agent

VALORANT has revealed Skye as the latest Agent making its way to the game. The new Agent will sport a

VALORANT patch 1.07 notes: Sage & Killjoy nerfed alongside all shotguns, Breach buffed, & more

Riot is pushing a rather large update for VALORANT and it's gaining a lot of attention. The VALORANT 1.07 patch

VALORANT receives major review bomb on Metacritic following launch

While many who played and enjoyed the game during the closed beta are praising Riot Games for the smoothness and

VALORANT new agent revealed: Jett & abilities

Riot Games has unveiled Jett as the latest Agent for their upcoming first-person shooter, VALORANT. Jett has been debuted in

VALORANT beta to be announced today, new agent found in alpha playtest - report

Those wanting a beta announcement shouldn't have to wait long if a recent report from is correct. The Polish

VALORANT: Viper revealed in latest agent trailer

Riot Games has unveiled the latest Agent for their upcoming first-person shooter, VALORANT. Viper is the new agent showcased in

VALORANT may not allow stretched resolutions according to a game dev

It looks like Riot Games will not be allowing the use of stretched resolutions upon release if we're to take