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  • VALORANT closed beta reset details, official server shutdown time

    Riot Games has revealed more details regarding the conclusion of VALORANT's closed beta. Yesterday it was revealed that the games

    Crazy VALORANT bug locks other players inside of Phoenix

    A new bug has been discovered in VALORANT and it's definitely one of the more interesting we've seen yet. A

    VALORANT ranked/competitive matchmaking details revealed

    Riot Games has officially unveiled details about its upcoming VALORANT ranked matchmaking. The post to the official VALORANT website is

    All VALORANT streams now give drops, three new regions to be added

    Riot Games has revealed changes to the closed beta access alongside three regions that will be added to those able

    shroud, summit, Ska & more get demolished by VALORANT devs

    When you hear there's a new first-person shooter and Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, Jardy "summit1g" Lazar, Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, Coby "dizzy"

    How to get VALORANT closed beta access via Twitch drops

    The VALORANT closed beta is on day three and many are still wondering how they can gain access. If you're

    VALORANT breaks Twitch records with beta debut

    The hype around Riot's new first-person shooter coupled with the watch for drops style of beta access has led to

    VALORANT will have SBMM outside of ranked play

    With the ever-growing anticipation and hype around Riot Games' new and not-yet-released first-person shooter VALORANT, there are plenty of questions.

    VALORANT beta to be announced today, new agent found in alpha playtest - report

    Those wanting a beta announcement shouldn't have to wait long if a recent report from is correct. The Polish

    VALORANT: Sova revealed in latest agent trailer - abilities included

    Riot Games has unveiled the latest Agent for their upcoming first-person shooter, VALORANT. Sova has been debuted in the latest

    VALORANT economy system explained in detail

    Similar to Counter-Strike, VALORANT is set to be based largely around an economic system that will allow players to purchase

    Phoenix - first VALORANT character trailer revealed

    Phoenix is the first character to be revealed via a video from the official VALORANT Twitter account. The game made