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When I play Tusk... and more interesting clips from the week

to the old to play ping pong expect goodbye to your head"

Pudge Toy Butcher Persona and the Voice of the International announcer pack have arrived

The International 10 Battle Pass owners can finally get their hands on the much-awaited Toy Butcher Persona item for Pudge

Dota 2 intriguing interactions: Snapfire and Pudge Aghanim's Scepters

Dota 2 is a game with many intricate details and the huge number heroes with their unique skills lead to

February 2020: Pudge dominates the public matchmaking

Pudge’s versatility and his iconic mechanics make him appealing to a lot of players, regardless of the rank. Perhaps the

Dota 2 Patch 7.19: Winners and Losers - Repercussions of The Summit 9

The final patch before The International 2018 is here! 7.19 is the patch on which TI 8 will be played.

Dota Summit 9 Popular Heroes Nerfed by Valve

Valve released the 7.19 patch minutes after the Grand Final of Dota Summit 9 was over. The new gameplay update