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Jimmy 'DeMoN ' Ho banned from DPC qualifiers for previous misconduct; says he will turn to legal measures

Around six months ago, a lot of stories regarding sexual misconduct came to the fore in the Dota 2 community,

Evil Geniuses are the BTS Pro Series Americas champions

Evil Geniuses defeated Quincy Crew 3-1 to claim the first place in the BTS Pro Series: Americas. The NA team,

The Dota Summit 10 kicks off shortly

One final tournament stands in the way of us and The International 2019 – not a massive event, but one with

The Dota Summit 10 is finally happening

While we watch the Regional Open Qualifiers for The International 2019 taking place, BeyondTheSummit have sneaked in a little teaser

Vitality shock Liquid in 2-0 cs_summit 4 final

Photo: Beyond the Summit In what would be considered by most as an upset, Liquid once again are heading home from

Beyond the Summit to Host the MDL Macau English Broadcast

photo by: Beyond the Summit MDL Macau 2019 will kick off in just five days and once again Beyond the Summit

Pros are gearing for Artifact stream marathons on Nov. 17

The NDA for Valve's Artifact will be lifted Nov. 17, two days before the closed beta launch. This means that

Artifact Preview Tournament records 39,000 viewership peak

Nov. 10-11 was the first test for televised Artifact through the Artifact Preview Tournament (APT). Organized by Valve and Beyond

The format of the Artifact Preview Tournament was a big mistake and here’s why

Nov. 10-11 saw the first televised competition in Valve’s Artifact card game: the Artifact Preview Tournament (APT). Hosted by Beyond

The most drafted heroes and colors in the Artifact Preview Tournament playoffs

This weekend, Beyond the Summit and Valve hosted the Artifact Preview Tournament. The $10,000 event ran the 128 players through

KuroKy among the top 8 in the Artifact Preview Tournament

Valve and Beyond The Summit's Artifact Preview Tournament entered playoffs last night, with one peculiar name in the top 8:

Lifecoach, Luminous Among the Casters of the Artifact Preview Tournament

The Artifact Preview Tournament, hosted by Beyond the Summit Nov. 10-11, has announced a respectable line-up of casters and analysts.