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Only a few weeks have passed after the last new Champion, Seraphine, arrived at the League of Legends live servers, but time doesn’t stop and Riot Games is determined to present us the sixth new champion of the year (as they promised) before 2020 ends.

We barely have information about the upcoming Champion. It is supposed to be a ‘runaway criminal’ champ, with a Support role and features similar to Nautilus or Leona’s.

This weekend, Riot Games teased this new champion with the image of a burning lance and the caption “Hurt someone enough, and they just might hurt you back“.

Despite there is no official information, it looks like we could have the champion really soon, almost immediately.

This is something that many players are assuming after the new ‘Preseason Roadmap’ indicates a couple of important dates: the upcoming November 23rd and December 11th:

Fechas señaladas cliente league of legends

Since the second date is probably too late, everything seems to indicate that the new champion could be released on PBE in the upcoming week, to be available in the live servers with the next Patch, coming on December 8th.

Riot Games issued an arrest warrant for an ‘extremely dangerous fugitive’ that fits some of the descriptions we have known, as the teased burning lance, which gives us an approximate idea about how the new champion will be:

A 'wanted' poster for the League's runaway criminal champ
Image via Riot Games

As mentioned before, there is no official confirmation, but it looks like we won’t have to wait too much to see what is going to happen!

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