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We finally know the details of the next version of League of Legends, Patch 10.19, the Patch that will be played in the upcoming 2020 World Championship.

This Patch brings some small changes to finish shaping the meta for the biggest international tournament. Once again, is Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter, who has described all the details and also has cleared two extra things:

In the first place, the nerfs that Talon and Nunu received with the last Patch 10.18 will be removed with the release of the new version, since according to the data gathered by Riot Games, both champs “are actually not as strong as they previously appeared”.

Second, it seems like the videogame company has realized how dangerous Akali and Lucian are in their game, and how big the risk that they “could take over the worlds meta” is. That is why Mark Yetter confirms that they have added small nerfs to both champs, in order to avoid a 100% pick and ban with these two.

With this two important news being clear, here we got the nerfs and buffs list!

Nerfed Champs

Azir: his ‘W’ passive bonus attack speed will decrease from 20-60 to 10-50%

Twisted Fate: his base movement speed will be reduced from 335 to 330.

Caitlyn: her base attack damage will be reduced from 64 to 62; her ‘W’ headshot damage increase also decreases in the early levels, from 60-240 to 40-240.

Senna ADC: her Passive Mist wraith spawn on minion kill will drastically decrease from 8.33% to 4.166%

Akali: her ‘Q’ damage is reduced from 30-130 to 25-125.

Lucian: his attack damage per level will decrease from 2.75 to 2.3.

Buffed Champs:

Ahri (follow up): her ‘W’ cooldown is reduced from 10-6 to 9-5, and its mana cost decreases from 55 to 40.

Sivir: her passive movement speed increases from 30-50 to 35-55.

Vayne: her ‘R’ attack damage buff increases from 25-55 to 35-65.

Aphelios: the attack damage per level increases from 2 to 2.4.

Sylas: his ‘R’ cooldown reduced in the late levels from 100-60 to 100-40.

Ivern: its ‘E’ slow amount increases from 40-60% to 50-70%

Udyr Phoenix: the ‘R’ cone damage increases from 50-275 (+60% AP) to 50-325 (+70% AP).

Irelia: her ‘R’ barrage damage increases in the late levels from 125-325 to 125-375, and the ‘R’ perimeter damage too, from 125-275 to 125-375.

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