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League of Legends keeps updating and shaping for the meta that we will enjoy during the upcoming 2020 World Championship. Once again, Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter has announced some of the changes that the next version of the game will bring with Patch 10.18.

In this preview, which barely gives us details of the changes, we can see what Champions will be buffed and nerfed with the next version, and the only two who have a detailed description are Ahri and Kayle, whose changes were revealed by Riot Games last week in order to have their mechanic upgraded, seeking for better gameplay.

Nerfed Champs:

As we can see on the list, the nerfed Champions in Patch 10.18 will be some of the most popular Champs that we have now in the top-level competitions, like Sett, which still is a nice flex-pick with tons of damage, very tanky, and with a very useful combo.

In a meta where the AD Carries keep being the main characters, one of the Champs that has lately become a priority on the drafts, Ashe, will receive a nerf with the next version, the second nerf in a short time sine Ashe was nerfed in Patch 10.16.

Shen is becoming quite popular lately, and Riot puts him in the nerf list since the Champion has been very decisive in some passive matchups, while his damage and resistance are pretty strong.

To close this nerfs list we have two Champions that were forgotten lately but we are starting to see them in some specific circumstances, where they become very strong (especially in the mid lane): Galio and Kog’Maw.

Buffed Champs:

As we said before, and as we described after the announcement of their “mini-rework”, Ahri and Kayle open the buffs list for Patch 10.18 with a detailed description of their changes.

For Ahri, her base HP regeneration will be reduced from 6.5 to 5.5. Her Passive, “Vastayan Grace”, will be removed, and “Essence Theft” will be moved from her ‘Q‘ to become her new Passive. Ahri’s new ‘W‘ will grant 40% movement speed decaying over 1.5, and it will also deal 200% damage to minions below 20% health. The cooldown of this ability will increase from 9-5 to 10-6, as its mana cost increases from 40 to 55, and its targeting is improved for low health minions.

For Kayle, her ‘Q‘ mana refund on champion hit will be removed. The ‘W‘ mana cost increases from 70-100 to 90-130, while the ‘E‘ cooldown is reduced in the latest levels, from 8 to 8-6 and its mana cost is reduced from 50-70 to zero. Plus, the ‘E‘ missile speed increases from 2000 to 5000.

The buffs list continues with some improvements for the jungle: Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao have been exiled for a long time, and Riot Games want them back.

The same thing happens with Rumble, whose power and combos were vital in last year’s tournaments and, after receiving several nerfs, disappeared from the meta.

Miss Fortune and Twitch complete the buffs list and might join the AD Carry kingdom that we are living in.

All these changes will be available on PBE very soon!

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