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The Americans have won the battle against their European opponent as Envy takes home the trophy at the Paladins World Championship. In a battle against the reigning world champions, Natus Vincere, Envy kept it close before pulling away in the final two maps to secure a 4-2 win.

Envy becomes the first-ever North American team to take the title of world champions in the history of the game as this is only the games second league season and Na’Vi were the season one winners. Both teams looked strong moving into the playoffs and did not lose steam as the weekend progressed. Heading into the Grand Final it was anyone’s map but many would still have favored the European side as they had the experience and confidence on their side.

A close map one saw the reigning champs move to 1-0 with a 4-3 victory on Splitstone Quarry. The teams would trade maps from that point with Envy tying the series before falling behind once again. Map four would be where Envy would grab control, taking another close map before absolutely dominating the final map of the series 4-0 and dethroning Na’Vi.

The final placements can be found below:

Place Team Roster
1 Team Envy Tulky • RuBBu • rockmonkey • randomnoob • MrHaze
2 Natus Vincere Mutu • Faenex • spunkki • Creativs2 • Laizy
3/4 Fnatic UNBELIVABLE • Fisheko • Gerrah • bugzy • isbittenner
3/4 Spacestation Gaming RECHAO • frzgod • Mittow • Ar3z • ASPEXY
5/8 G2 Esports iDropBodies • Kusqt • Evulli • doesupz • Vex30
5/8 Kanga eSports Joelz • ausrhino • Ninim • kronicx • Koorland
5/8 Ninjas in Pyjamas Bird • DiGeDoG • Kowa • Kcruncy • Bonkar
5/8 Shipa • PERDO • Saretz • Ninu • eLvenpath
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