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We get it: you’re a new, ambitious gamer, who are excited about all the stuff The Elder Scrolls: Online world has to offer. But to start your journey, you need to pick a class and you just can’t figure out which one is right for you.

Or perhaps you’ve dabbled in the game a fair bit and you don’t know what to play next? In any case, you’ve come to the right place. Here comes the guide from SSEGold, the professional site providing game service for more than 14 years.

The team at SSEGold have come up with a new and improved guide for all of the six classes to help you decide which one is the right pick for you. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.


What I would consider to be the easiest class to play, the light-wielding Templar is a great pick for any gamer that has just start treading the waters of ESO.

While being the simplest class to play, veteran players like myself too enjoy Templar gameplay as it does possess a relatively high skill ceiling at the same time.

Are you in the endgame and are struggling to put out decent amounts of damage with the class that you’re currently playing? I guarantee you that trying out the Stamina Templar build will enable you to hit the DPS thresholds you want to, which will also help you fulfill the guild requirements to join the trial group.

The main reason the Templar deals so much damage is due to its ability, Puncturing Strikes, turning light into a spear to melt its enemies. Other than damage, the templar also has immense healing prowess, boasting the strongest heal in the game.

But, of course, the Templar is not perfect. While being a great option for DPS and healer roles, the Templar sees virtually no play as a tank. Trust me, I’ve tried a tank build as a templar and realized it’s just not as efficient as its other, more successful roles.


Let’s talk about another beginner-friendly class. This time, something for the new players who want to try out a magicka class. Of course, we’re talking about the Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer is one of my favourites due to its self-healing, multiple sources of damage and just how damn quick they can be on the battlefield; its mobility has saved me a bunch of times in PvP where other classes would have probably landed me into not so favourable situations.

With the Sorcerer, you will find room to be quite flexible in terms of builds, being able to quite comfortably play as a Sorcerer tank with a sword and shield or a bow-wielding/dual-wield Sorcerer for a DPS role.

Something that’s especially cool about the Sorcerer is that they also serve as a pseudo-summoner class, being able to keep two pets active 24/7, while further summoning a third pet with their ultimate. If that wasn’t enough, Sorcerers can equip armour which temporarily summons a fourth pet. So, if you’re feeling especially lonely, there’s another reason for you to play the Sorcerer.

Of course, there are reasons to not play the Sorcerer as well. If needing to slot your pets on both bars or possessing lackluster ultimates turns you off, you should keep reading this guide.


The master storytellers, weaving their fantastical tales into mystical reality that aids them in battle, the Warden is certainly an interesting class to play.

Using ice as a defensive tool while nature to heal itself, the Warden summons animal companions to aid it in battle. As you can see, the Warden is a well-rounded class, allowing it to fit in any role.

The Warden boasts strong burst damage as well as healing, a combo that makes it a great class for solo PvE as well as PvP.

The skill lines that the Warden possesses are especially noteworthy. Green Balance allows for the Warden to be a healer; Winter’s Embrace helps the Warden give its party a strong tank, while Animal Companion lets the Warden be play a threatening DPS role for that juicy damage.

We understand that, however, your damage, sometimes, is lacking that juice, no matter how hard you’re grinding in the game. Which is why SSEGold offer you the best service, operating since 2006 to provide you with all the eso gold and items you could need to pump up any class you decide to play. Feel free to reach out to to improve your gaming experience!

Coming back to the Warden, it too, like the Sorcerer, suffers from lackluster ultimate; I personally feel that they are worse than the Sorcerer’s. However, the Warden’s pros heavily outweigh this con.


We now move on a class that is known to be more skillful and is usually a veteran’s choice, none other than the Necromancer.

Like a few others on the list, the Necromancer is capable of summoning creatures too, but they’re undead and much cooler, so brownie points for that.

The Necromancer is one of the most unique classes in the game with its ability to resurrect and control corpses to fight for it. Couple that with some of the best ultimates in the game and insanely useful passives, you simply cannot sleep on the potential that this class holds.

The Necromancer’s resurrected summons can, however, also end up hurting the user itself, as some of them can explode and do large AoE damage. Factors like this, the low mobility that Necromancer possesses, plus the skill it takes to properly utilize its unique summoner gameplay makes this class hard to master, and something beginners should maybe steer clear from.


The super cool and mysterious Nightblade is next on the list, and it was stealthy enough to sneak into my heart as an all-time favourite.

The maestro of handling the shadows and blood magic, the Nightblade excels in surprising the foe with some of the strongest burst damage in the game.

Using its blood magic, the Nightblade is able to constantly heal itself up while dealing consistent damage to its enemies at the same time, increasing its survivability by a great margin with regards to other classes, which leads it to being one of the desired picks in parties.

It excels as a damage dealer with high sustainability, which also helps its capability to function as a tank. The one role it doesn’t fit all that well is of a healer; but if you’re anything like me, you prefer a more offensive playstyle anyways, which is the Nightblade’s speciality.

Dragon knight

The Dragon knight is a class that – like the name suggests – is themed around and utilizes playstyles that are draconic in nature.

Sticking to its theme, the Dragon knight, through its abilities, is able to summon wings and spikes on its back that aid in its defense and survivability, while summoning talons and doing flame and poison damage for fearful offensive prowess and that oh-so wonderful DoT.

Its damage output and damage deflecting abilities make it an ideal pick for PvP players.

The Dragon knight also possesses amazing crowd-control skills, further being able to pin enemies down or even turn them to stone. While being able to be great DPS choices, it is this specific crowd-control potential that make the Dragon knight the most sought-after tank in any party.

The Dragon knight, however, lacks in crucial mobility and ranged damage-dealing options, two characteristics that also make it a non-ideal pick for beginners.

And there you have it, our guide to help you pick a class and begin your journey in the Elder Scrolls Online.

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