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The NDA for Valve’s Artifact will be lifted Nov. 17, two days before the closed beta launch. This means that whoever is currently in the invite-only circle can start streaming and commentating on the game.

The bad news is that this circle is mostly made of pro players. The good news is pro players put on great streams for both entertainment and education. So, if you want to learn as much as Artifact as humanly possible ahead of the launch, you’ll have a big pile of streams to choose from.

MTG and Hearthstone champion Stan Cifka is promising a stream marathon for his viewers. The card game veteran won’t be streaming immediately, since NDA is getting lifted in the small hours of the CET night, but will be online in the morning of Nov. 18. “Excited like children for Christmas,” Cifka wrote.

Content creator and caster Sean “Swim” Huguenard also teased an upcoming stream session. Swim has been off of Twitch for about a week — around the time he announced he’s moving away from GWENT and into Artifact — but says that his return is “inevitably close”. Other notable pros in the invite beta, like Liquid’s Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen will start their Artifact sessions Monday, when the closed beta is finally live.

But what about the rest? Where are the Dota 2 personalities? The MTG pros?

Don’t worry, they’re on the stream train as well. Nov. 17-19, Beyond the Summit is hosting their Artifact House Party event. Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy, Joel Larsson, Ken “Hotbid” Chen, Austin “Capitalist” Walsh and more are headed there.

Wherever you choose to tune it, there will evidently be a lot of Artifact content to consume. The game officially launches Nov. 28, which gives fans 11 days to decide whether the game is for them or not.

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