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BREN Epro has made their way to the grand finals of The Nationals Season two. The team is looking to make a repeat of last season where they walked away crowned champions of the inaugural The Nationals.

A match against Smart Omega stood between them and the finals and it went the full three maps. Luckily for BREN, FlapTzy once again showed why he’s revered as one of the best players in the game.

A massive 8-0-8 kill-death-assist record in game three helped the 16-year-old push his team over the finish line ahead of their opponents. In a roughly 14 and a half minute match, Omega was only able to net six kills compared to 21 from BREN. KarlTzy and Phew finished with six and five kills respectively while Ribo came up with three.

Smart Omega can still make it to the finals, however, as they are set to face the winner of the STI E-Olympians and Laus Auto Group Playbook Eagles match tomorrow. Should Omega defeat whichever team makes it though, they’ll get their chance at revenge in the biggest match of the season.

Not only that, but they’ll be hoping to prevent the repeat for BREN.

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