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This weekend, the ninth edition of the Duels of Runeterra tournaments took place. Europe crowned a brand new champion in MihommeMichel, while North America had its first hat-trick winner in Winding God, who won his third straight tournament in his fourth straight grand finals appearance.

Below are the decks the two champions used to win these events and our personal advice whether you should take these lists to ladder.

Duels of Runeterra EU winner: MihommeMichel’s decks

Endure Spiders

The Endure Midrange has been a tournament king in multiple community events and invitationals. In region-lock formats (where you can use a region only once in your line-up), pairing it with Freljord is the best combination and in this combo, the Endure deck is supreme.

The deck got a few new tools with Rising Tides with Blighted Caretaker and Fury of the North, but the playstyle has remained the same: play small tokens, apply early pressure, and then drop a game-winning They Who Endure.

Can I play it on ladder: Yes, but be warned that this is not a top tier deck, because you can’t ban bad match-ups like Ionia controls.

Champless Burn

Playing NO/PZ burn has never been better, because you don’t even need champions in the current meta. This was one of the most popular decks in this week’s tournaments and is by far the fasted aggro deck out there. If you enjoy killing people by round 5, that’s the list for you.

Can I play it on ladder: Not only can you play it, but it’s a deck that will likely get you to Master once you learn its match-ups. The deck isn’t as easy to play as it seems, but there are many games where you will just run over people.


Scout decks are often the third in deep aggro/midrange line-ups as this one here from MihommeMichel. The deck has had fluctuating popularity and success but never truly disappeared from the meta. The Rally from Scouts is a great tool to level up Miss Fortune and there’s also a lot of utility in the Spells, including Purify to deal with Endure/Ledros, Ranger’s Resolve to survive damage, and Relentless Pursuit for those turns when you need a third attack.

Can I play it on ladder: Like Endure, yes, you can play it, but there are better aggro/midrange decks out there, like the ubiquitous Bannerman. That said, if you like the playstyle, you will see a lot of success with it.

Duels of Runeterra NA winner: Winding God’s decks

Vi/Heimer Control

Vi/Heimerdinger remains arguably the best control deck in the meta, edging out Lux/Karma and Ezreal/Karma by just a bit. It’s a tournament mainstay and it often goes far into top 8/top 4, and here it’s even winning the event.

Vi/Heimer wins by the old recipe of playing spells and spewing endless amount of turrets from Heimerdinger. Vi is an additional control tool that can challenge and kill the biggest threats, while also being a threat to control decks herself. A complex, but powerful deck to play.

Can I play it on ladder: Yes. If you like control decks and don’t want to calculate Ezreal combo damage or navigate the Lux spell management, that’s the best control you can play.

Frostbite Control

Winding God used a Frostbite Control deck to win his third finals in a row and it’s for sure an interesting pick. The deck is quite unpopular on both ladder and in tournaments but it has clear power spikes when played correctly. It has a lot of stalling potential and absolutely destroys heavy midrange decks like Deep Sea Monsters. In tournaments, you can ban its bad match-ups like Lux and Ionia controls where it’s hard to level up Ashe, or Burn Aggro, which kills you too quickly, and have as free reign over the other decks as you can get.

Can I play it on ladder: Very ill-advised. Yes, there are people hitting Master with it, but the deck has a lot of very bad match-ups and it’s not easy to play by any means. If you like Controls, try some of the Ionia or Lux ones.

Bannerman Midrange

Oh, the good old Bannerman. Ever since BruisedByGod invented it, the deck hasn’t left the tournament or the ladder meta. It’s simple to play, has great curve, Vanguard Bannerman is still powerful and now you even have the Round 3+4 punch of Loyal Badgebear and Grizzled Ranger, which are so difficult to deal with.

This is by far the best midrange deck in Runeterra right now, and whichever list variation you will choose, you won’t be mistaken.

Can I play it on ladder: Yes, absolutely yes.

Disclosure: The author of this piece is associated with the Duels of Runeterra tournaments.

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