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Organized by AFK Creators, the EU Creators Invitational (EUCI) gathered 24 of the brightest Legends of Runeterra players in Europe for the first ever invitational in the game. After a few hours of streaming madness, where fans had to follow multiple MultiTwitch rooms to get the full picture of the tournament, Tilted_22 emerged as champion, defeating FirstPinkBeaver in the finals.

For some, the grand final pairing might’ve come as a surprise, considering the list of heavy hitters that were lined-up for the event, including Mikuláš “Pokrovac” Dio, Mateusz “Alanzq” Jasiński, Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero,
Dawid “Zetalot” Skalski, and more. But the high level of play from Tilted_22, combined with his excellent choice of decks, got him the gold in the end.

Tilted_22’s EUCI winning decks

Tilted_22 relied on tried and true decks that have been dominating the ladder for the past weeks. He prepared a trio of lists — an I/F Elusive aggro, a Rally Mistwraiths list, and an Ezreal combo — opting not to go for the very popular S/I Spooky Karma control, that was also in many players’ line-ups.

The lists are pretty standard as well, so you can take any of those decks, bring it to ladder, and climb reliably. They are not anti-meta or tournament-specific by any means, so if you want to netdeck them for ladder — you can.

I/F Elusive aggro burn:

Rally Mistwraiths:

Ezreal combo:

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