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In Day 2 of the Groups Stage, many teams had their first games at Worlds 2020, and some of these matches were an authentic titan fight, like finals in the first days of the Main Event.

Today we had a special rivalry between two of the strongest regions in the world: Europe and China, LEC vs LPL, the fight between the only two regions that started the biggest League of Legends event of the year with four representatives.

Currently, it is the LPL who has the lead in this competition, since their fourth seed, LGD Gaming, successfully got out of the Play-in Stage, and qualified for the Main Event with after beating their rivals 3-0 in two Bo5 in a row, while the European fourth seed, MAD Lions, became the first LEC team in Worlds’ history that didn’t make it out of the Play-in Stage.

It is true that no matter the results, LPL fans are not very happy with their representative’s performance overall. The situation for LGD Gaming the first days was critical, and the Chinese fans take it very seriously.

Also, on the first day of the Main Event, these fans got even angrier, after two of their teams lost against teams of another big region: Korea. JD Gaming lost to DAMWON, and LGD Esports lost their game versus Gen.G.

That is why the second day of the Groups Stage was so important for the LPL representatives, who had to face the strongest teams of the LEC: G2 Esports and Fnatic.

The first game that matched both regions was a G2 Esports vs Suning. The first seed of Europe against the third seed of China, with very hyped matchups like the Wunder vs Bin, or Mikyx vs SwordArt.

The game was amazing, with tons of fights in every part of the map, and none of the teams giving up for a second no matter the situation in the game.

Actually, it was Suning who seemed to have the advantage, but the LEC champion managed to come back and win the game with a crazy, chaotic, and spectacular end.

The second opportunity for the LPL to redeem themselves today was in the last game, where LGD Gaming was facing Fnatic. After a game where the Chinese team dominated most of the time, LGD took their first victory in the Main Event and gave some oxygen to their region.

That game was not the cleanest, but together with JD Gaming’s victory against PSG Talon, the LPL can rest for a while.

The Groups Stage consists of a Double Round Robin of Bo1 series, and anything can happen from now, but the Chinese representatives are not giving the best of the sensations compared with what people expected from them.

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