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Riot Games designer David “RiotRepertoir” Capurro has been doing a great job keeping the fans informed about what’s in store for League of Legends, balance-wise. From him, we learned what changes were planned for Rakan, for example — tweaks that would’ve altered how the champion would engage team fights. And again from him, we learn what Riot has planned for Patch 9.9.

Some of the buffs, nerfs and adjustments are expected. Hecarim, Jarvan IV and Rek’Sai will receive much anticipated tone-down after taking over the jungle and reigning supreme there. Support Morgana and Akali will also be weakened, both champions seeing a lot of play on the professional level.

There are a couple of buffs that, if significant enough, might introduce a resurgence of certain champions. This includes Maokai and Volibear, who’ve been absent from pro play for a long time. Despite occasional appearances, Ekko and Shen are also slated to become stronger.

Two buffs that might surprise LoL fans are those for Sylas and Lissandra, especially given how much they are picked or banned in pro play. Sylas leads the rankings for Patch 9.6 with 98% presence rate, with 44 picks and 215 bans. Lissandra is third after Jarvan IV (who’s getting nerfed, remember?), with 78% presence rate.

Many fans also expected top lane terror Vladimir to see a slight nerf. The blood sucker has been taking over late-game scenarios in both solo queue and pro play and is considered one of the strongest top laners in the current meta.

Patch 9.9. will bring more than straight up buffs and nerfs, however. Champions like Rakan and Aatrox will receive adjustments, as previously teased on PBE, but other popular ones like Kennen and Tahm Kench are also slated for a re-tweak. It’s interesting to see what changes will unpopular picks like Shaco and Soraca will undergo too.

There is no info as to when Patch 9.9 is expect to ship, but it’s almost certain to be after MSI completes.

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