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On the third day of the second round of the Groups Stage, Group C was to be resolved, and its four members met to fight for a spot in the Quarter-Finals of the 2020 World Championship.

This group was, by far, the most chaotic group. At the beginning of the day, it was impossible to know what was going to happen, and more impossible to pick a favorite team.

Among the four participants, LGD Gaming (LPL), Fnatic (LEC), Gen.G (LCK), and Team SoloMid (LCS), only one had a score different than the others (the North American) but still had chances to even it.

These were the scores before today’s games:

  • LGD Gaming: 2-1
  • Fnatic: 2-1
  • Gen.G: 2-1
  • TSM: 0-3
LoL: Worlds 2020 | Group C Preview

The first game of the day matched the two major occidental regions, with Fnatic and TSM as representatives. The LCS representative could not afford any loss if they wanted to keep the dream alive.

It wasn’t the most exciting game, but in the end, it was the European team who took the victory… this result destroyed every North American hope, and TSM, the second seed of the region, was already eliminated in the first game of the day.

In the second game, LGD Gaming faced Gen.G. This China vs Korea was probably the most even match we have had in the whole Group Stage. Both teams were even during the entire game, and both could have won.

Actually, anything could have happened in the end, but Gen.G managed to take advantage of the enemies’ mistakes and destroyed LGD nexus in the middle of absolute chaos.

With this result, Fnatic and Gen.G took the lead of the group, with a score of 3-1 each, while LGD fell to the third position.

The third game of the day brought a duel between TSM and Gen.G. The North American team had nothing to fight for but their honor, but they had the chance to give Fnatic the first position in the group… and they almost did, but a couple of impossible-to-understand mistakes allowed Gen.G to take the lead of the game and win it.

This forced Fnatic to depend on themselves, and their first test was in the fourth game against LGD Gaming.

The Chinese team needed to win this if they wanted to have options to qualify, while the European needed the victory to guarantee themselves a spot in Quarter-Finals.

Finally, Fnatic won a splendid game and became the first team of Group C to qualify for Quarter-Finals. LGD, on the other hand, joined the list of eliminated teams.

Image via Riot Games

The fifth game was probably the saddest game of the day, with both eliminated teams, LGD Gaming and TSM, facing each other for a little bit of honor.

The game was weird, let’s say, but TSM couldn’t win it either, which left them with a total score of 0-6 at Worlds, and the last position in the group.

Finally, a more interesting matchup took place in the sixth game of the day, where Fnatic and Gen.G fought for the first position.

The Korean team destroyed the LEC representative and took the first position in the group.

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