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Two days ago Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho opened up during his stream about his time with Team Admiral and his experience at the team house in the Philippines. He shared a few threatening messages which he said he received from the team manager and called the living conditions at the team house unbearable.

DeMoN Talks the Abuse and the Threats Received From Team Admiral Manager


Today Team Admiral released a lengthy response to DeMoN’s video, giving detailed context to everything that Jimmy stated, a handful of conversation screenshots and some other info.

Living conditions

On DeMoN’s claim that the living conditions were horrible, Team Admiral released a video of the practice area as it looks today, including a brief view of one of the rooms. They also stated that the house has 3 bedrooms and 1 maid’s quarters.

“Jimmy had the luxury of having one room all to himself, while staff/management got one room and the other four players shared one room. Everyone else, except for Jimmy, had to share a room with someone else. Aside from room privileges, Jimmy had access to the two household help (a cook and a helper who cleaned the house) that were provided for the comfort of all the players.”



Talking about life quality in the Team Admiral bootcamp/house, the managerial staff said that occasionally DeMoN asked the team manager for phone credit which was always given to him to use while going out for recreation activities. “Even though it was not part of the team’s function (neither team-related nor tournament-related), the manager obliged to his request. The management knew that he was just going out to see people or party but they still gave him the load he requested,” explained Team Admiral in their post and even added screenshots of the conversations regarding this.



Painting more of a rock star image of DeMoN, whose demands seemed to be higher than anticipated by Team Admiral, the blog post speaks about unpaid meals and other day to day expenses like laundry for instance.

“Jimmy didn’t pay for meals, even when the team members were eating out. His teammates usually shouldered his expense when eating out. Whenever he got food delivered, someone else usually shouldered the bill for him out of Filipino hospitality and also out of respect for the delivery service. Aside from meals, he didn’t pay for basic services like laundry. The teammates were too shy to tell Jimmy that his behavior was unacceptable, but the management have been saying in the group chat that they should be considerate and pay for their own expenses. However, he didn’t seem to mind because he wasn’t called out by name.”


Threatening messages from management

Team Admiral do recognize that DeMoN received an inappropriate message after asking for a glass of water but they give a few details of the whole situation. They mentioned that DeMoN asked for a glass of water to the team owner, Martin, not the team manager. The owner did in indeed get irritated and extremely emotional on that day and sent the message to DeMoN, but according to the post from today, the team Manager banned the owner to show up in the team house after that to avoid any more tension. According to today’s post, the manager advised Jimmy to ask him personally for any other favors.

“The team manager even told Jimmy that he can ask favors from him (since he’s the manager) but not from the other members since it’s not their job (apart from the household help).”


Parties, girls, and the house rules

Besides what DeMoN said during his stream two days back, Team Admiral went on disclosing other issues as well. One of these concerns the housemaid, who almost got fired because DeMoN accused her to have stolen his watch, while the managerial team guys claim that the player forgot where he put it after a night spent “partying.”

Allegedly, DeMoN broke on repeated occasions the house rules by bringing girls to his room after his night escapades.

“There were also instances when he brought girls into his room. The first few times it happened, we spoke to him and reprimanded him for it because it was against house rules and we didn’t want the other members to feel like things were unfair; however, he still kept doing it even until his last night at the boot camp when he brought a girl over.

Regardless of how bad the other members of the household felt about him, we continued to treat him with respect and consideration.”


Contract details, discussions with other team and vacations

In their blog post, Team Admiral shared a few screenshots of the conversation they had with DeMoN regarding his contract. At first, the organization wanted to take 30% cut of the tournaments prize pool to which DeMoN didn’t agree.




It’s unclear, however, if he ever signed the contract with the team or not, as the organization was able to kick him while he was on a vacation. According to the managerial staff, although they agreed and even paid for his flight to go home for a week, they decided to remove him from the roster in that time.

Their decision had roots in what they made it look like a betrayal from DeMoN who was approached by Echo International with the offer to join them for TI8 qualifiers. Interestingly enough, Team Admiral share a screenshot of a conversation between DeMoN and Forev who was at that time at Echo Int. However, they don’t explain how they obtained that screenshot which theoretically is a part of a private chat.



DeMoN seemed to be open about the offer he got and even spoke about it with the Team Admiral manager ensuring him that he declined the offer. Team Admiral’s full blog post can be found here.


No resolution yet

To all these details unveiled by the managerial team, DeMoN said today on Twitter that he has no comment to make “unless it’s done professionally” and tagged Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen which can only be read as a request to take part in one of his podcasts.


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