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Last Thursday 16th, T1 finished the first half of the Summer Split with a victory (0-2) against KT Rolster. With that result, T1’s score was 6-3, probably not the best, but a good result to start the race to Playoffs and become one of the candidates of LCK for this year’s World Championship.

After the game, the legendary mid-laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok showed himself pretty positive about the second round of the split, despite T1 struggled a bit in their games against KT Rolster and he couldn’t play the Champions he would have liked to play.

“I don’t think my LeBlanc performance was that great today. I still have a lot of room to improve upon. You can expect a better performance from me in the second round of the split” – Faker said.

And he did not only talked about his own performance. Faker also claimed that we can expect better performance from T1 in the second half of the Summer Split… but some promises are difficult to keep.

Today, T1 had their first match of the second round against Gen.G. It is true that Gen.G are showing a good performance this split, but this match has always been cursed for them.

It was 2018 when Gen.G won the last match against T1. Since then, they have accumulated a 9-game losing streak… but they broke it today.

The series started with Gen.G taking the latest first blood of the season since both teams were only trying to slowly farm, keeping the distance and respecting their opponent. But after that first blood, Ruler’s Ezreal took a huge advantage that, together with his amazing mechanics, helped Gen.G to take most of the objectives and win the game despite T1’s efforts to avoid it.

The second game was closer than the first one, but again Gen.G was the first to step forward and play more aggressively than his opponent. This time, Bdd took the lead of his team and destroyed T1 with Zoe, slowly driving Gen.G to the second victory, the victory that would break the curse and put them in the second position with a score of 8-2.

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