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This weeks Friday Night Fortnite saw KingRichard and Aimbotcalvin take home first. The Team EnVy professional player and Team SoloMid streamer would take down Tinny and Svennoss in the winner’s bracket to earn a one-match advantage going into the grand finals where they’d match up with 100 Thieves players Kenith and Parallax.

The one map advantage would prove to be too much for the 100 Thieves members as they would get off to a slow start and be unable to gain the footing necessary to pull themselves back into it.

This was the first KEEMSTAR’s Friday Night Fortnite wins for both players. The events are $20,000 tournaments hosted by Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem and UMG Events and take place every Friday and provide top players and entertainers the opportunity to compete against each other in a the most kills wins format. Popular names such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, members of Team SoloMid, Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and more make up the lineup and don’t disappoint in terms of insane gunfights, building, and trick shots.

The FaZe Clan duo of Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore have been a dominant force having won 4 out of 10 events thus far. The duo went home in third place last night but still secured a $3,000 prize.

Full standings and prize breakdown:

1 KingRichard & Aimbotcalvin $10,000
2 100T Kenith & 100T Parallax $7,000
3 FaZe Tfue & FaZe Cloakzy $3,000
4 Vikkstar123 & ErycTriceps
5/6 HighDistortion & NICKMERCS
5/6 Tinny & Svennoss
7/8 Opsct & YeloTree
7/8 Nick Eh 30 & ProHenis
9/12 SypherPK & Jaomock
9/12 Chance & Fruitcake
9/12 Mickalow & Gotaga
9/12 Chica & FaZe SpaceLyon
13/16 Karma & Hogman
13/16 Pack A Puncher & Upshall
13/16 TypicalGamer & Thief
13/16 Mitch Jones & jake
17/24 Gingerpop & TBNRkenny
17/24 Dwarf Mamba & Mmkevlar
17/24 KittyPlays & Landon
17/24 OpTic CouRage & FaZe Cizzorz
17/24 Adapt & Tennpo
17/24 OpTic WizkayTV & Mongraal
17/24 TheBurntChip & Theo Baker
17/24 Avxry & c9Hysteria
25/32 KYR SP33DY & SideArms
25/32 Orba & Mew
25/32 Dolan Dark & Nopeify
25/32 FaZe Rain & FaZe Blaze
25/32 Dr DisRespect & Krafty
25/32 Daequan & CaMiLLs
25/32 CDNThe3rd & RequiemSlaps
25/32 Nick28T & BobbyBoJangles
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