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Yesterday, Karrigan announced on twitter that he was going to be on loan to EnVyUs for the American Minors for the IEM Katowice Major. CS:GO community members had been saying for days to expect the unexpected, but of all the different scenarios I ran in my head, this was still unexpected.


Upon further reflection though, I think this is a good move for Karrigan for a few reasons. Like tarik, Karrigan likely also wants to wait for the IEM Katowice Major to finish up as Majors postmortem is generally the time when top teams will break apart. We already know that if Na`Vi don’t do well at the Major that s1mple could leave, especially as Zeus has already announced he is going to retire in 2019. As that’s the case, I could see a world where a super team is formed with Karrigan and s1mple being the core. So waiting until the IEM Katowice Major to make a choice on team is the best choice for Karrigan.


As for the EnVyUs situation, I won’t mince words. Envy is a bad team so no one should expect anything out of this team, even with karrigan leading them. Even so, this is a great move for them as it gives them a far better chance of doing anything here. As for Karrigan, in the worst case scenario, he gets a trial period where he gets warmed up leading players again and learns how NA players operate culturally. In the best case scenario where Karrigan leads Envy to do anything, Karrigan will be rightly given a huge amount of plaudits for somehow making an iron man suit in a cave with scraps. Either way, this is a win-win scenario for Karrigan.

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