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For the next few days, pubs are going to be swarming with Invokers (like they weren’t already), because the young Invoker Persona was has been released! Any Battle Pass owner having a Battle Pass level of 305 will be able to claim the persona. The persona, titled ‘Acolyte of the Lost Arts’, goes in a special slot created for Invoker called ‘Persona’. There is a small catch though. Once the persona is equipped, all the slots change to (KID), which means none of the other items, immortals or sets CANNOT be equiped.

The voice lines for the young Invoker Persona are the same as those for normal Invoker, except, the voice is different. The same lines (including Dota Plus chat wheel lines) are said in a more kiddish voice, which actually makes some of them sound quite funny.

The skills look the same, except for Forged Spirits. Forged Spirits for the young Invoker Persona take the form of a dragon; a young dragon at that.

Invoker is now basically like two heroes when it comes to cosmetics. Any new items that have to be made for the hero can be made for the original hero or the persona. If he manages to win the arcana vote, it will be interesting to see if that will be related to the persona or will be a completely separate entity.

The persona now asks the question: Will Valve be doing this for every hero? A lot of heroes have a plethora of sets and immortals and an alternate route to go would be making personas. Legion Commander as Commander Tresdin from Dota 1, Wraith King as Skeleton King are a couple of personas Valve could add that the community is bound to love. For now though, either ban Invoker in your pubs or be ready to fight for it, becase there is a good chance half the players will have that button hovering over Invoker when the pick phase begins!

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