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For the last few weeks TNC Predator were in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. The drama caused by a racist comment made in a public match by their offlaner Carlo “Kuku” Palad, got them close to not be able to participate in the Chongqing Major at all. Only a day before the regional qualifiers for the second Major of the season, multiple sources were reporting that the team got banned from the event by the Chongqing municipal government.

However, Valve continued to stay silent on the matter, so did the tournament organizers and without any kind of an official information regarding TNC’s fate in the eventuality that they will actually qualify for the LAN portion of the event, the Southeast Asian organization gave a few details on what kind of punishment they have applied to Kuku and proceeded on playing with an unchanged roster in the SEA closed qualifiers. Besides the fact that they had to second guess if they can play with Kuku in the qualifiers, TNC, like all other teams competing these next few days in the Chongqing Major, had to constantly adapt to the 7.20 patch which was released at the beginning of last week, but it has been updated three times already. In spite of all these TNC Predator made it out of the SEA qualifiers group stage undefeated taking advantage of the few extremely powerful heroes in 7.20.  Core Dazzle, offlane Puck or safe lane Lone, Druid, TNC played them all in their matches to storm their way in the playoffs.

TNC Predator were seeded in Group A along with Mineski, who also made it to the playoffs stage and with Lotac and 496 Gaming. For Lotac and 496, the competition ended in the group stage.

In Group B, Fnatic and BOOM ID emerged victorious and advanced to the playoffs. Tigers were extremely close to making it out from the group stage, but after losing to Fnatic in the group B winner’s match, they had a terrible series of misplays and poor decisions against BOOM ID and once again they lost the battle for a ticket at the Major, much more like they did at the start of the season, in the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers.

The Chongqing Major SEA qualifiers will resume tomorrow, November 27 with TNC, Mineski, Fnatic and BOOM ID fighting in a double elimination bracket for the two slots up for grabs. The competition will start at 21:00 PST/06:00 CET with the upper bracket semifinals TNC Predator vs BOOM ID and Fnatic vs Mineski, and will run through the entire day until the two SEA winners will be decided.

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