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Beyond the Summit’s Pro Series Season 2 has just seen a team being expelled from the event and all future BTS events due to match fixing incidents.

A relatively unknown team, PlusOne, has been removed from the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas event just a short time ago after they were caught in multiple match-fixing incidents. Confirmed via the Beyond the Summit Twitter account, the team have been expelled from the current event and banned from all future BTS events too, with the information on this being sent to Valve for possible further punishment. Having played a total of six series so far in the event, all previous results will be nullified too, leaving nine teams in the event.

About as much is known about the match-fixing incidents and when they occurred as is known about the team – which is very little. Only two of the players on the squad have really been seen before, with Nicolás ‘Wij’ Moreno having played for the likes of Team Unknown and Gorillaz-Pride, while Yizuan ‘xuan’ Guo has been seen playing for both T1 and Demon Slayers in recent times.

We will keep you up to date with any new information that arises on this matter, but for now the PlusOne team will have to respect their ban from the Beyond the Summit events and await any further sentence from Valve too.

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