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The Chinese professional scene is, unfortunately, going through a new drama related to contractual terms and broken promises. In this new episode of who was wrong and who betrayed whom, Liu ”Sylar” Jiajun is accusing his former team owner, Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei of failing to fulfill the contractual terms and of being a bad coach for Team Aster.

Syalr joined Team Aster at the beginning of the previous season when he was signed from VGJ.Thunder. According to him, he accepted an offer that was 1.5 million RMB less than what it should have been, but he accepted it because BurNIng promised him something else in return, a share in the team. Aster’s season went from bad to worse and Sylar was moved to Aster’s secondary line-up, Team Sirius. After failing to qualify for the last Major via Minor in the 2018-2019 DPC season, Sylar asked to be released from the team.

“I’ve been playing in the pro scene for around 8 or 9 years, and it was the first time I asked to leave a team because I just couldn’t see it going anywhere, and if we kept playing like that, I would perform worse and worse, so would my teammates do,” said Sylar in an interview a couple of weeks ago. In the same interview, he mentioned that his contract wasn’t “handled perfectly,” which made it harder for him to join another team at the start of the new season. Sylar skipped the first Major and Minor, but yesterday he was announced to have joined EHOME, which can only mean that his contract with Aster was finally closed.

However, in a QQ group chat, Sylar revealed his side of the story with BurNIg and Aster. We are able to share with you the entire translation of Sylar’s claims courtesy of Yuhui Zhu:

Sylar accuses BurNIng

“I’m actually quite speechless about the whole thing. It all begins with BurNing failing to keep his promise. I am really sick of him. I’ve never told anyone about the reason I deleted him from my friend list in the game. I’ve always avoided stirring up the emotions of the public. I really don’t understand why I was blamed. I joined Team Aster with a pay cut of 1.5 million RMB, and I don’t even deserve the shares?

At first, it was BurNing who insisted on offering me the shares, saying that I could cash them anytime. On the day I signed the contract, he told me I could cash 700 thousand RMB right now and said the shares would only be more valuable in the future. When signing the contract, Pink (Burning’s wife) brought me a 3-year contract, saying that we were friends, so no one would be making trouble, so I signed it directly without thinking too much. Now they say I can’t cash the shares because I haven’t finished playing for them for 3 years. I really hope they could have said it when I was signing the contract. It’s like they are setting traps for me, and I just can’t put up with it.”

Sylar chat

“Do you know how Aster ended up like this? The credit goes to BurNing. He wants to be the coach but meanwhile, he refuses to discuss with the team about his draft. And he did that for the whole season. A week before Kuala Lumpur, he told us:” I’ve got you guys a new coach”. After Kuala Lumpur, he returned to the coach role and would draft for the team. Sometimes he woke up at 2 pm and came to the practice room to draft. Sometimes he woke up at 3-4 pm and worked to 6 pm. After that, without any recap or wrap-up, he would go back to his room and start to stream. We’ve talked to him many times, trying to tell him that we can do the draft by ourselves, but he never listened, he never talked with us about his drafting ideas, he would go straight back to his room after the drafting phase.

After we lost the first BO3 series at Chongqing Major, he looked pissed, but later on, after we got eliminated, he went onto weibo and pretended to be the nice guy. It really makes me sick, I only have problems against those who have a negative impact on the team, you can check with other players whether what I said is true.”

BurNIng or any of Sylar’s former teammates from Aster and Sirius have not released yet an official statement regarding the situation. 

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