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Last Saturday, VP.Prodigy placed second at OGA Dota PIT Season 3 after an impressive tournament run. Their only losses came at the hands of Team Secret. But, although they got bested 3-0 in the grand finals, they were also the only squad able to take a game from Secret, in the upper bracket quarterfinals.

In the tournament aftermath, VP.Prodigy captain, Vitalie “Save-” Melnic talked about the roster changes, his role swap from position 4 to 5 and how these might have impacted the team.

According to Save-, VP.P had a different mid lane player they practiced with for OGA Dota PIT, but “about two days before  the tournament”, they learned that gpk will be able to join the squad, although they “never counted on him standing-in.”

“We knew perfectly well how Danya (gpk) plays, we knew his strengths and had a rough idea of ​​how to draft with him,” said Save- adding that “it was not a problem to sit for three hours and think about how we want to draft and which heroes to rate [higher].” He emphasized that gpk has in fact a large hero pool and that his experience with Evil Geniuses at OMEGA League developed his gameplay.

While he was regarded as a greedy mid lane player during his time with Gambit, gpk showed that he can play on more active mid lane heroes with Evil Geniuses, Save- explained. “He was constantly playing on Void Spirit, Storm Spirit and was doing something with the team all the time. Playing for EG had a positive impact on him, so we could take heroes like Pugna and he played really well. Generally speaking, Danya is in any case a very strong player who can play both greedily and actively.”

 Regarding Lil, Save-explains that VP.P had in fact searched for a position 5 player “for a long time,” but they couldn’t find “suitable candidates.” Given the situation, he decided at some point that the only option is for himself to make a role swap, to move to the fifth position and continue to look for a fourth.

“I just looked through my friends list and saw Lil there. In our team, everyone treats him well. I wrote to him and he agreed. This was also two days before the tournament, maybe a little less,” Save- mentioned and added that the role swap for himself made him even a stronger player.

“I even enjoyed playing this role. It was a very rewarding experience, I looked at the game from a completely different angle. I believe that even in this one tournament I have become stronger as a player,” Save- said.

The full interview with VP.Prodigy’s captain can be found on the official website, here.

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