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OGA Dota PIT ended with another victory for Team Secret. This was more special than most wins, because Secret did not drop a single game this tournament, with an impressive 15-0 win-loss record! With that, Team Secret have won three tournaments in a row (WePlay! Pushka Leage, Gamers without Borders and OGA Dota PIT). Let’s take a look at the team and hero statistics for OGA Dota PIT 2020 EU tournament.

Team statistics

OGA Dota PIT 2020 EU team statistics

Hero statistics

Total games played: 71

Total heroes picked: 100
Number of heroes unpicked or unbanned: 13

Most picked hero: Rubick (33 games, 21 wins, 63.64% win rate)
Most contested hero: Ember Spirit (69 games, either picked or banned in 97.18% of the games)
Most banned hero: Ember Spirit (53 games)

Hero with the highest win rate (10 games or more): Chen (11 games, 17 wins, 72.73% win rate)
Hero with lowest win rate (10 games or more): Nature’s Prophet (12 games, 3 wins, 25% win rate)

Ember Spirit was the most contested hero in the WePlay! Pushka League, and that tradition continues in OGA Dota PIT. When the next patch arrives, a significant nerf for Ember Spirit might be on the cards. Rubick has also risen to popularity this meta with a lot of picks and a decent win rate, and is a hero to watch out for in the tournaments to come.

The last time Team Secret lost a series was against during ESL One LA, on the old 7.25 patch, which was a much faster patch than 7.26. Heading into ESL One Birmingham, Team Secret are clear favorites in the EU/CIS region. Based on ESL One LA, EU/CIS should be the most competetive and entertaining online regional tournament from ESL One Birmingham. The tournament starts on the 24th of May and will feature a regional (EU and CIS separate) round-robin group stage into double elimination bracket. Lot of amazing Dota 2 action heading our way, but the biggest question is: Can anyone take down Team Secret?

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