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Starting straight with a double-elimination bracket just yesterday, OGA Dota PIT Season 3 continued with day two featuring the first elimination series and first to bow out of the competition were Nigma, defeated once again by a CIS team.

After losing 0-2 to NAVI yesterday, Team Nigma fought for their tournament survival against VP.Prodigy, who much like their regional friends, came with a  well-rounded game plan and had a clinical execution of their two drafts to take down the much more experienced players of Nigma.

While in game one Nigma put all their hopes into the Drow-Vengeful Spirit duo, VP.Prodigy ran a strong trio core with a mid-lane Magnus, who had two perfect targets to empower in Phantom Lancer and Bloodseeker. Nigma’s line-up was able to pressure the tier one towers early on and took a small lead, however, the overwhelming team fight control of VP.P was showcased for the first time around the 22 minute mark, when Nigam were clumped in the Roshan Pit and were melted down by a perfect Reverse Polarity initiation from Danil “gpk” Skutin.

VP.P were able to mount a full comeback on the back of that Roshan fight, giving Nigma no time to find their footing back into the game. The second game started well once again for Nigma, who had a Faceless Void-Phoenix combo and a mid-lane Windranger. However, they were playing against Magnus once more, and besides repeating the same Roshan scenario where they got caught by the RP, they also chose to ignore the Black King Bar option and got punished for that by VP.P’s Lina, Elder Titan and Kunkka a few too many times in a row to actually stand a chance at forcing a decisive game.

Day two is set to close out with another elimination series, OG and 5men going against each other with survival on the line.  

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