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Around six months ago, a lot of stories regarding sexual misconduct came to the fore in the Dota 2 community, leading to names like GrandGrant and TobiWan having to quit the Dota 2 scene. One of the others to be named anonymously was Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho, who denied all accusations, but still took a lot of critisism publicly. The issue came back to haunt DeMoN as he was banned by the NA DPC League after having qualified for the closed qualifiers with Team Aristotle.

The ban, which came in the middle of all the qualifiers taking place, did not go unnoticed by North American Dota 2 personalities. Peter ‘ppd’ Dager criticized BTS, who are organizing the qualifiers, for banning a player without concrete proof of any misconduct. David ‘Godz’ Parker replied saying BTS had received information behind closed doors, which the victim did not wish to make public to remain anonymous.

Another NA player, lukiluki, who has also qualified for the closed qualifiers with Team DogChamp, brought up the point that if a player is to be banned, it should be before the qualifiers begin, as now, the other four players of the team are left stranded. Godz acknowledged that that part was a mistake from BTS and apologized for it.

DeMoN responded on Twitter saying he would now look to take legal action against the defamation he has undergone in the past few months.

Team Aristotle is now down to four players in the middle of the DPC closed qualifiers. There is no news yet on who will be replacing DeMoN as theyr position 5 player.

Aristotle roster (taken from Liquipedia)

Photo: PGL

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