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Dendi’s team hasn’t won a full series for a month now, their last victory being at the beginning of April in the open qualifiers for ESL One Los Angeles Online. Since then, B8 has played in both WePlay! Pushka League and EPIC Prime League gathered a total of 24 lost games.

At the end of March 2020, B8 made the first roster change and replaced Alexandr “pio65” Zalivako in the carry position with Steve “Excalibur” Ye, but the results are yet to show. With such a long trail of defeats, the team brought on May 1st two stand-ins for their series against HellRaisers in the Pushka League. The Greek duo Giorgos “SsaSpartan” Giannakopoulos and Kharis “SkyLark” Zafeiriou stepped in today, but the sudden change didn’t open the drafts or improve the team overall synergy and it brought yet another loss.

Dendi was recently on a Russian podcast and talked about what’s happening inside the team, what’s the morale like and why some of the players might not return to the roster. “This is an ultra-demoralizing situation. There have never been such disgusting results,” he said and went on explaining why the team didn’t make more roster changes sooner.

“Every day we gather and we study the games, study rivals, watch replays, talk about everything: about the games, about what needs to be changed. […] Everyone has a very negative state. Perhaps someone in my position would have made some decisions, but my vision is: if there are problems, then first try to solve them. We really tried, looking for different options … It can be seen that it doesn’t work out and in such a situation we already have to make some fundamental changes.”

When talking about the possible stand in players for the matches they still have to play in the two leagues they are participating, Dendi gave a bit of insight on why some of his players felt the need to step down.  

“KingR could not stand another defeat,” he said adding that “maybe there were some moments where someone went a little bit too emotional, but all the guys should be given their due – no one was cursing at anyone. We just all understand that we can’t do it, and fixing it with training or something else is impossible. Therefore, Rinat took such a step – he is not ready to lose anymore, he is mentally tired.”

While Dendi ensured the fans that although some of the players will stay on the sidelines for the next few matches, they will do their best to bring the team on the right track as fast as possible, if that might mean actual roster changes it remains to be decided, but everyone on the team was told that B8 will run trials for every position. “I basically told everyone this. At each position. And everyone understands this, given what is happening now. The guys reacted normally to this,” Dendi mentioned.

The full podcast can be listened to in Russian, here.

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