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Danil ‘Ishutin’ Dendi has easily been the most loved Dota 2 personality since the inception of the game. However, he hasn’t had the best showing while playing for the last three seasons. After TI5, his playing career has seen a dip every year, but it seems he might be ready to change that. Dendi broke his eight year long love affair with Na’Vi at the beginning of the 2018-2019 DPC season, making him a free agent. In an elaborate 40 minute interview at TI9 with Yana Khymchenko, who works with Na’Vi, Dendi revealed his plans for the 2019-2020 DPC season: To start an organization of his own!

In the interview, Dendi revealed how he has amassed a great deal of knowledge about the game and was ready to put it to use by being a captain. He was a bit unsure earlier, but stints with Tigers in SEA and The Pango is CIS, where he captained the team in the TI9 qualifiers, Dendi feels he is ready to do it.

Coincidentally, Yana had done an interview in Shanghai with Puppey before doing one with Dendi. In that interview, Puppey mentioned that Dendi had a vast knowledge base and that he needed to share it by changing roles and becoming a captain. The mid role is a very demanding role in terms of micro and captaining from the mid role is not an easy endeavour. Switching to a support role makes it comparitively easy. Towards the end of the interview, Dendi mentioned that although mid was his preferred role, he was open to switching roles (to any role except carry) for the good of the team. Dendi has also started a website for his organization, that goes by There, he takes ideas from the community so if you have anything for Dendi boss, that’s where you should be going.

The first Major of the season will be in November and if last year’s timelines are to be followed, the qualifiers for it will begin in the third or fourth week of Septermber. If Dendi plans on trying to make it to the first Major, we might see him in action with his new team sooner than expected!

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