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Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho announced his retirement from the competitive scene after a very bad experience in the Philippines at Team Admiral.  

In the video he made for his retirement announcement DeMoN didn’t go into details of what happened at Team Admiral house. He was getting visibly emotional back in June when he got to the Team Admiral part of his career, but he only said that “there were a lot of issues within the organization, maybe something that will disclose down the future”. “It was really hard to live there in those conditions” he added, while he tried not to talk too much about a nasty depression he experienced there, depression which he tried to keep hidden from his teammates.

Nearly two months since Jimmy did that video have past and he found the strength to talk a little bit more about the Team Admiral experience, this time in a direct conversation with his viewers, at the end of his stream from yesterday. He went on saying “my manager was constantly cursing at me.” Then he told a story about one day when Team Admiral was playing in the ANGGAME China vs SEA online tournament. That day the team started with one hour and a half practice session at 11:00 in the morning and had their first match in the tournament around 12:30. They went on playing 3 x BO3 series and a BO5 grand final which was still undergoing around 1:00 AM. The grand final was against Execration and went down to all the five games being played. DeMoN was drafting in that final game when he asked his manager to bring him a glass of water.  He asked in a very polite way, “boss, can you please bring me some water downstairs” he says it was the formula. The manager, who is actually not named by Jimmy in the entire video, brought him the water but the next day he sent to DeMoN a threatening text message:

“Everyone here in the Philippines treats me with respect, and you try to treat me like a peasant. You know everyone here thinks I’m a boss and I get my way. If I ever hear that shit again I’m gonna slam you with a fucking chair.”

Jimmy explained that the manager “obviously has a lot of money” and that he is three times bigger in size than him. He disclosed a few other things from the time spent in what he calls “unbearable living conditions” at the team house. Besides that, it seems like the people who were part of the managerial staff used the players’ computers, Jimmy saying that sometimes he would have to clean his mouse in the morning because it was “all greasy” and even had the DPI settings changed to a slower speed.

“He would send me pictures flipping me off,” says DeMoN, who towards the end of the stream apologizes to the viewers for having a tear in his eyes and getting emotional while remembering all the things he went through. “Philippines didn’t do me any good anymore and it was what made me give up in the end,” says Jimmy towards the end of the stream. The full video can be watched below.


DeMoN Decides to Call it Quits

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