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After being a stalwart in the Dota 2 world for almost a decade (along with being part of the lesser-known DotA 1 community), Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho has called it quits – so lets take a quick look at his journey; the highs and lows which made him such a well-known face in Dota 2.

In a rather emotionally charged 12-minute video, DeMoN has decided to take his leave from the Dota 2 pro-scene. Jimmy speaks about his time with multiple teams, how enjoyable his time with the SEA teams was and his move away from home – coupled with the depression which it brought on.

Jimmy made his first foray into the Dota 2 scene during The International 2011, the first iteration of the event, with Meet Your Makers. After an admirable 4th place finish, the team disbanded and Jimmy was quickly snatched up by Evil Geniuses, where he joined another stalwart of the scene, Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis. Jimmy returned to TI2 with EG but a poor performance saw them depart quite early on – but it wasn’t the end just yet. EG would come back to win a number of smaller events and tournaments following TI2 but their inconsistency would mean that they were unable to reach TI3 – and Jimmy was soon after released from EG.

After some time with smaller squads, he decided to make the move to South Korea where he joined forces with MVP Phoenix and after leading them to the top, he ended up moving from team-to-team finding small successes along his journey and ultimately ended up joining Team Liquid through their run at TI4, but after being eliminated, once again, Jimmy parted ways with a team. After a poor 2015, Jimmy begun to climb again, joining forces with TNC Gaming and guiding the squad to TI6, where they had an amazing run through the event and while being eliminated, still reached the top 8. Not much has been seen of Jimmy since his time with Team Onyx last year – until his re-emergence with Team Admiral early this year. But in a quick moment on stream 2 months ago, DeMoN revealed that he was no longer a part of the squad. And this brings us to today – when he has decided that retiring from the Dota 2 pro-scene is in his best interests.

“I enjoyed every moment, every fan interaction, every event and every opportunity ‘cause I knew it was always a blessing and it is something that I will always be grateful for… I’m sorry that I’ve given up. Now, I’m pretty much moving on to bigger and better things. I’ll still be sticking around the scene, I’ll stream here and there, I’ll be casting every now and then – maybe some analyst jobs within the scene and some events. And honestly hopefully making it to TI8 if Valve invites me, that would be cool. That would be awesome.”

It will be sad to see Jimmy take his leave from the Dota 2 pro-scene and I do hope that we will once again see on our screens in a casting role at major events. We wish him the best of luck with his future, wherever it leads.

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