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MagMa are one of the four teams qualified for the Upper Division of China Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) League, but unfortunately, their start of the season will not be as smooth as they would have wanted.

A week before the actual league matches are to begin, evidence of one of their players being previously involved in match fixing have been sent to the team’s managerial staff.

MagMa was formed in August last year when two sister teams (Ocean and Blaze) ran by Old Boys, an organization put together by retired Chinese players, merged under one tag. According to a Weibo post made by the TI2 winner, now one of the owners of Old Boys, Chen “Zhou” Yao, MagMa’s mid lane player Chen “zc” Xiaofeng was involved back in the Ocean days in match fixing.


Zhou was contacted by an anonymous person who tried to blackmail him with chat history screenshots and evidence of a transaction made to zc in June 2020 for the alleged match fixing scheme and demanded that either Zhou will be “settling” the issue in private or all the evidence will be sent to the teams from the Lower Division and to Valve and Perfect World.


Following his conversation with the anonymous source, Zhou posted the following on his Weibo account:  

“Right after getting the information, I have been communicating with our leader and players. What zc said was that he did take the money when he was in Ocean, but the team lost before he was truly involved in match fixing. However, we think it’s wrong for him to take the money already.

OB have zero tolerance of match fixing, and we have emphasized that in front of our players more than once. The current situation we know is that other players in the team have no idea about it, so we have decided to replace our mid. As for the DPC tournament arrangements, we will wait for the official reply and we will comply with any official decision.”

Zhou attached four screenshots of his conversation with the person who tried to blackmail him, including the transaction details of zc.


Zhou’s post implies that both Valve and Perfect World have been updated with the issue and that MagMa is now waiting for a decision to be made regarding their Upper Division slot. China The DPC League is set to begin on the 18th of January and MagMa’s Upper Division slot is giving them a shot at fighting for one of the four tickets allocated to the region for the first Major of the year.

headline picture: Perfect World

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