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Although no teams were eliminated when the group stage of Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 4: Southeast Asia came to an end yesterday, today kicked off with two lower bracket elimination series with two teams exiting the event.

When the group stage of the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA came to an end yesterday, the bottom four teams were sent straight into the lower bracket, where they would have to face off against each other in hopes of clinging to their tournament lives. Execration and Vice Esports were the first two teams to see action and it was almost a massive upset. A relatively unknown team, Vice went into the first game ready to fight and Execration seemed to be stunned by this as they were never allowed the opportunity to farm – with Vice claiming the early series lead.

However, the next two games saw an almost identical scoreline with Execration finding 43 kills, while leaving only 17 behind for their opponents. Although Vice had played amazingly, the experience of Execration came into play as they remained composed and closed out a 2-1 series win. With that, Vice Esports would be the first team eliminated from the event, while Execration move forward in the lower bracket.

Neon Esports had finished at the bottom of the group, unable to take a single series victory throughout their opening seven series and today would be no different. Having just witnessed the elimination of Vice, Neon were in a tough position with Motivate.Trust Gaming as their opponent – a team which they had oddly managed to tie with earlier in the event. This time around, MTG were going to give them no such chances as they pummeled the Neon lineup into the ground twice in a row. Although there were signs of a comeback from Neon, such as an amazing Aegis steal in game two, it was nowhere near enough to pull them back into the series.

With their 2-0 win, Motivate.Trust Gaming march forward in the lower bracket, while Neon Esports are eliminated from the BTS Pro Series Season 4: SEA. Tomorrow we return to the action with the upper bracket as TNC Predator take on Fnatic and T1 go up against Team Dog.

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