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The fourth round of the Swiss format at the ESL One Germany group stage is set to end today with two more squads advancing today to the playoffs, but unfortunately for the CIS fans, Cyber Legacy won’t be one of them.

The Swiss group stage format ensures that the 16 teams play a different opponent in each round and sends to the playoffs the first eight teams that gather three victories, while the rest of the eight competitors get eliminated as they reach three losses.

Cyber Legacy were much like their opponents from round four,, at one victory and two losses already when they clashed today. Given their results so far, the series was played with elimination on the line and came prepared with new strategies to take control of each game from start to finish.

While both teams focused on securing strong combos that would put them in the advantage in the team fights, carefully picked strong control tools as well in order to deal with CL’s Ember Spirit and Timbersaw mobility. The laning stage started strong for, courtesy of perfect plays from Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan in the mid lane on Tiny, which allowed his team to transition pretty fast into five man Dota and annihilate any possible objective taking maneuvers from Cyber Legacy who fielded a carry Drow Ranger.

Game tow unfolded in an even faster manner, as were allowed to draft one of Boom’s favorite heroes, Queen of Pain. Nonetheless, Cyber Legacy had a better early game and were able to take a couple of kills in the top and safe lane as well before Boom was ready to start the rotations. Unfortunately for them, the early aggression didn’t lead to any meaningful advantage and they soon found themselves annihilated by the teamfight potential of, who were crushing the opposition with a 17 minute Aghanim’s Scepter on a core Elder Titan.

While Cyber Legacy are now out of the contention for a spot into the playoffs, will get their last shot at making it further into the tournament this coming Tuesday, when the final round of the group stage is set to unfold.

Until then, Natus Vincere and Mudgolems will fight next at ESL One Germany for a playoff spot, followed by the 5MEN versus Team Liquid series with the same stake on the line.

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