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During the Major, it was reported by Nel that Fnatic are benching flusha. This makes perfect sense when you consider how Fnatic have performed in their last few tournaments. They bombed out of DreamHack Stockholm and lost in the Legends phase of the London Major. While flusha had an MVP performance in IEM World Championship over six months ago, we haven’t even seen a modicum of that level since.


If we were looking at this move in pure isolation, then it would make sense. Flusha hasn’t been doing his role well and he’s a veteran. He is a player who has always had motivational issues, but has often performed well at the biggest events (most notably the Majors). But Fnatic bombed the Major and flusha did poorly, so even that positive aspect has gone away. When we look at the ScreaM playing as a stand-in, I think it’s fine. He’s a highly skilled free agent and it’s not as if they are looking to try him out permanently.


However when taken into the grander context of the Fnatic roster moves, that is when the confusion sets in. The original squad that won IEM World Championship was: Flusha, JW, KRIMZ, Golden, and Lekr0. They got rid of Golden to get Xizt, a leader that NiP lost confidence in. They then traded lekr0, a talented rifler to NiP for another aggressive wildcard AWPer. (We could criticize them for removing lekr0 as he’s proved he can in-game lead on NiP, but that isn’t something that Fnatic could have known about or even have emulated)


While the impetus was to have JW move to a more aggressive rifling role, that still didn’t make sense. If they wanted to do that, then they needed to get a more stable AWPer more similar to Allu than draken. As it currently stands, Fnatic’s roster moves in the past six months have set them backwards and while removing flusha is the right move, Fnatic are in a rough spot. If they don’t get this ship back on track, I think better teams will start trying to poach their star player, KRIMZ. If KRIMZ goes, then Fnatic is dead in the water.

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