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The 21-year-old french player Alexandre “xms” Forté announced that he is retiring from professional CS:GO. He is mostly known for playing under the EnVyUs tag for about a year. He played in the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018 and won DreamHack Open Atlanta in 2017.

He also finished second at ESWC 2016 with his former team LDLC under the lead of Ex6TenZ, the current leader of G2 Esports. Other than that, he did some good placing with podiums at various DreamHack and tier 2/3 events. He also played with the French CS:GO national team.

He recently played for LeftOut at the European Minor and failed to win a game at the event. He earned around $70,000 in prize pool money in his CS career according to different sources.

Here is his statement:

Well… Where do I start?

Hello / Evening everyone, what I will say in this “news” will please some and perhaps make others sad.

We’ll start at the beginning: who I am, how I came to be a pro CS player with the little story that some people certainly know since I’ve already been able to tell it about streams, the teams I played in, etc..

Alexandre “xms” Forté, young player of 21 years having made his pro debut in 2016 with Millenium even if before that I had some teams like Awsomniac, Platinium v1/v2/v3 and then Millenium, EDF, LDLC and to finish EnVy.

Like any player I have experienced ups and downs, “successes” and also failures but the most important for me is to have realized my childhood dream and to have become a pro player on the magnificent game that is CS.

I started CS super early and it was one of the first that I really played a lot and didn’t go out anymore to enjoyed my teenage years… ^.^

When I was 10-11 years old I started watching pro games on 1.6. There were teams like eSahara, fnatic, Lemondogs, Na’Vi, SK and more… What a good time! Once again my dream was to become a pro player but also to play against all those players I found really strong. Among them there were SIXER, MAJ3R, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, NEO, TaZ, to name just a few, and 10 years later it happened and on top of that I made victories against them.

To return on my short career on CS I took part in almost all the big tournaments like DH Masters, DH Open, ESL One, IEM, ELEAGUE, ESG Mykonos, Minor but I especially made a Major who is for me my greatest pride even if I did not go as far as I wanted. I know that even if I don’t play CS anymore I will still stay in the game with my little “XMS AForté” sticker, it’s super ugly but it still makes me super happy.


Well all that to say that it’s the end of xms on CS and it’s time to move on. I will continue to play and stream to have a little fun but I don’t like the game like before. There are also some things that I really find too bad and that are for me the problem on CS in France. Hunger for money rather than the rage to beat others and be the best… me saying that doesn’t make me perfect, we’ll all agree on that… D:

It’s just a little goodbye, I’m young, I want to win and be the best so keep following me and meet me on another game! ;D


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