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Today it was formally announced that flusha has joined Cloud9 after being removed from Fnatic. At the same time, STYKO wrote a twitlonger about his thoughts and experiences during the lineup. It confirmed a lot of what I was thinking about the team. First that STYKO was being forced to play a role that he wasn’t comfortable in. As for why that is, he doesn’t go into detail. I suspect it is because the team needs firepower and neither Skadoodle nor RUSH are standing up.


So the question is do I think this is the right move for Cloud9? I don’t think so given the potential prospects that were rumored to be out on the market. According to an article by Dekay, Mouz is considering replacing oskar with byali. If that move went through, I’d say Cloud9 should have kept STYKO, kicked Skadoodle, and gotten oskar. If Mouz decided to keep oskar, then the team should have gotten byali and then remove Skadoodle. I think those were the better moves possible.


As is though, this isn’t a terrible move in the sense that Golden and Flusha can bring stability to this lineup. But it doesn’t fix the inherent problem of a lack of firepower on this squad. In addition to that, they need a really strong space maker to enable autimatic to play at his best.

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