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BLAST has revealed the full list of teams set to participate in their upcoming BLAST Rising event. The tournament will feature a $32,300 prize pool and run from May 4th to 22nd.

A total of 16 teams will compete in the tournament, all hailing from Europe given the current global situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The list of teams has not yet been revealed but is scheduled to be announced on April 28th as all 16 teams will be brought in via direct invites. These teams will all fall from rank 25 and beyond as the focus is on teams trying to prove themself so don’t expect to see the likes of Astralis, Liquid, Natus Vincere, and more.

Instead you can expect to see all the teams listed below:

  • HAVU
  • Heretics
  • AGO
  • Nordavind
  • Apeks
  • Tricked
  • Giants
  • Movistar Riders
  • Endpoint
  • Japaleno
  • AVEZ
  • FATE
  • Secret
  • sAw
  • Salamander

The group stage will kick off on April 30th with the sixteen teams being split into four groups of four where they’ll play in a round-robin best-of-one format. The top two teams will move into the single-elimination playoffs.

If you’re interested in catching the action live, it’ll be streamed live on the BLASTtv Twitch channel here.

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