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While the Lower Division final two slots are still disputed, all eight teams heading to the Upper Division of CIS Regional League have been decided.

After Solo’s newest team No Techies made its way to the Upper Division yesterday, the second day in the closed qualifiers brought a qualifier ticket to No Pangolier as well, which means that CIS will have two unsponsored squads fighting now for one of the three spots at the first Major of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit.

Unfortunately for B8, after opening their qualifier campaign with a breath taking series against Gambit Esports, where they successfully defended against mega creeps for 20 minutes to be one series away from Upper Division, the next series didn’t go well at all for the new Brazilian-European-CIS mix as they got knocked down in the Lower Division by EXTREMUM.

B8, Winstrike, HellRaisers, Gambit Esports, who were all defeated in the closed qualifiers, along with PuckChamp and Imperial Pro Gaming, both coming from the first leg of open qualifiers, will fight in the first season of Regional Leagues for promotion. Two more squads will join them from the second open qualifier leg.

CIS Upper Division teams:

  • (Direct Invite)
  • Natus Vincere (Direct Invite)
  • Live to Win (Direct Invite)
  • Team Spirit (Direct Invite)
  • No Techies (Closed Qualifiers)
  • No Pangolier (Closed Qualifiers)
  • Team Empire (Closed Qualifiers)
  • EXTREMUM (Closed Qualifiers)

CIS Lower Division teams:

  • B8 (Closed Qualifiers)
  • HellRaisers (Closed Qualifiers)
  • Gambit Esports (Closed Qualifiers)
  • Winstrike (Closed Qualifiers)
  • PuckChamp (Open Qualifier 1)
  • Imperial Pro Gaming (Open Qualifier 1)
  • TBD (Open Qualifier 2)
  • TBD (Open Qualifier 2)

headline photo: StarLadder


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