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Photo: Beyond the Summit

In what would be considered by most as an upset, Liquid once again are heading home from an event in second place. Vitality would battle the North American squad in the finals of cs_summit where the Frenchman would walk away with a 2-0 victory.

While Liquid are ranked as the second best team in the world behind Astralis, Vitality wasn’t exactly close to the top. This didn’t stop Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and company from putting up a stellar performance across the entire event.

Vitality went 8-2 in the group stage before taking down ENCE in the semifinals. Having already taken maps off of everyone in the previous stage, Vitality were still doubted heading into their semifinal. They wouldn’t disappoint their fans however as they took the series to all three maps with the final being a 19-15 overtime victory on Inferno over the Fins.

The Liquid game went a bit straightforward with Vitality putting up a relatively dominant first half on Nuke with a 12-3 lead that they would be able to close out with a 4-6 second half. It looked like things would run a similar route in map two, Overpass, when Vitality ran away with the first half toward a 11-4 first half lead. Liquid wasn’t going out without a fight this time though, pushing themselves into contention by picking up nine rounds. It wouldn’t matter in the end though as the French would close it out 16-13 and hand Liquid another second place finish.

While Liquid will still hold their place at the top, Vitality have shown some life and more potential than many believed they could following some not so great initial results. Whether or not they can keep up this momentum will determine if we can start to believe in the French scene once again.

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