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While we watch the Regional Open Qualifiers for The International 2019 taking place, BeyondTheSummit have sneaked in a little teaser and announcement for their event, The Dota Summit 10.

The Dota Summit 10 event was originally meant to take place back in December of 2018, but due to the uncertainty of teams and other issues too, the BTS team decided to postpone the event into the new year – this year; 2019. We hadn’t heard much about the event, until today during a TI9 Open Qualifier cast where they dropped the news of the event finally happening.

Not many details are known as yet, such as teams attending or prize pools, but we do know dates; which have been announced as July 25th – 28th 2019. This is less than a month away and just a few weeks before The International 2019 kicks off but it’s still sure to be an epic event.

We’re sure that more information surrounding the event will appear in the weeks coming and we’ll keep you up to date with all the pre-TI9 Dota 2 action possible.

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