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I’ve decided to do a mailbag once again. As I got a bunch of interesting questions, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog to each one so that people don’t have to parse through all of the questions and answers. In this particular blog, I’ll answer two questions as what video games I play didn’t deserve it’s own thread.

From Rasmus Madsen (via email)

Q: Bntet to cloud9? Instead of one of the Europeans, that way they can still compete in the NA minor.


A: I don’t actually know the rules of how the Major qualification works in the case where you have 2 from one region, 2 from a second, and 1 from a third. I’ll just assume you’re correct for the hypothetical question and that if Cloud9 had got Bntet, they could play in NA.


So my assumption for how this squad is that one of Golden, Flusha, or kioShiMa would leave for Bntet. This is a hard choice to make as while I don’t rate flusha particularly highly as his last months in Fnatic were terrible, he is a player that Golden knows how to use. On the other hand kioShiMa is just a far better player and you need Golden as the in-game leader. So if we remove flusha for Bntet, what are the advantages and disadvantages.


Beyond the fact that you could get an easier region to qualify from for the Major, there is also the fact that Bntet is a better player than flusha. But beyond that, the cultural fit of the squad would be too hard for me to take the move seriously. Golden has to get used to already playing with a French player in kioShiMa and the two NA players. Bntet is someone who likely has a far different understanding of Counter-Strike compared to everyone else on the team considering he has played in Asia the entire time.


Overall, it sounds like a fun move, but their are too many negatives for me to seriously consider it. If someone like Bntet was to move to NA, I’d prefer it be to a core of players that have played with each other for a long period of time so that they can focus solely on integrating him into the team. In Golden’s case he’s already trying to do too much and adding one extra factor like that could exponentially increase problems for the team in terms of tactics, strategy, and team play.


From Michael Baer @tar_dota

Q: What are your personal favorite games to play when you take some time for yourself?


When it comes to video games, I generally don’t have that much time to actually play them anymore. I spend most of my time thinking, watching, and analyzing esports games. So when I do take time off, I don’t want to waste my time on just an average game. Because of that I have a backlog of games. Ones that I wanted to play when I was younger, but didn’t have the money to get or ones that come highly recommended from someone whose opinion I trust. In general though, I’ve always like the old school RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, etc.


I used to play a bunch of competitive games. The two most common were Dota Allstars back when Dota2 didn’t exist and SC2. After playing for 2-3 years 8 hours a day grinding the ladder on SC2, I’ve basically been burnt out on playing anything hardcore for a while. Currently I’m playing more Magic the Gathering Online to try to understand TCG theory and its various applications and forms. I’ll also probably play the 1v1 arena shooter that 2GD is making when it comes out. I was playing CS:GO and Overwatch casually, but then both games crapped out on my computer.

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